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Strolz Consulting is active as an independent real estate consultant in the greater Zurich area. To ensure that you have a professional contact in all phases of the real estate cycle, we offer the complete service package from a single source. Together, we create living environments that meet the needs of a networked and mobile society. We want to build something new and enhance and reuse what already exists. This page describes real estate services offered by either Strolz Management AG, Strolz Entwicklungen or Strolz Immobilien AG. For further details, please refer to the German-language page or contact us directly.



With our team, we support you as an owner's or developer's representative in your construction projects. As a full service provider, we offer you the opportunity to accompany your projects from the plot of land to the handover of the keys. We take on the overall management of the project and determine the potential of the property as certified real estate appraisers. Thanks to our experience in working with authorities and institutions, we can steer your project to a successful conclusion in a targeted manner.


In recent years, projects in the real estate industry have experienced high demands in terms of complexity, cost and deadline pressure as well as rapid technical progress. Due to the special nature of real estate, the development, planning and construction phases in particular involve many different project participants at different levels and from different disciplines, who have to cooperate with each other in a results-oriented manner. This is a lengthy process that must be thoroughly prepared, carried out in a targeted manner and coordinated at all interdisciplinary levels from a technical, economic and legal perspective in terms of quality, costs and deadlines.

A selection of our services:​

  • Project management, project controling

  • Supplementary management

  • Contract management, in particular monitoring the performance of planners and contractors

  • Controlling deadlines, costs and quality

  • Leading internal and external teams


As real estate marketers, we cover one of the most important basic needs, namely housing. Associated with this is the desire to have your "own four walls". We are caught between various conflicting interests: The owner wants to sell or rent out his property in the best possible way and the customer expects an optimal price/performance ratio. As an intermediary between the two parties, we bring a high level of human skills and comprehensive professional knowledge in the areas of real estate, negotiating skills, legal and tax knowledge, as well as construction knowledge. Real estate marketing also begins at the project development stage and continues through all phases of a property's life cycle.

A selection of our services:​

  • Analysis of projects and properties. 

  • Marketing of investment properties and sale of real estate

  • Property-specific marketing concepts and communication measures.

  • Assumption of negotiation and consulting mandates.

  • Competent handling of sales and letting mandates. 

  • Advice and involvement in tax and legal issues.

  • Sound structural knowledge.


As a building owner's representative or building trustee, we advise and represent you as a building owner in all project phases from project development to commissioning. Your interests as an investor or tenant are consistently at the forefront. We ensure that contracts are formulated in a target-oriented manner, that prices and services are competitive, that projects are handled in the best possible way and that the planners and contractors commissioned comply with their contractual obligations. We support you as consultants, construction specialists and management experts and monitor costs, deadlines and quality. We adapt flexibly to your wishes, whether in a staff function or as a line manager in the project organization.

Our approach is professional, structured and transparent. This gives you the certainty that your idea will become a successful project.

A selection of our services:​​

  • Client consulting

  • Representation of the client

  • Project management, project control

  • Strategic project planning

  • Building law clarifications

  • Condition and potential analyses

  • Structural due diligence

  • Optimization of projects

  • Optimization of income (rents / sales)

  • Competitions and procedures

  • Contract management (drafting, negotiations, monitoring)

  • Defect rectification, warranty management


Swiss real estate is one of the forms of investment that offer a high degree of protection against inflation. Yields are achieved through rental income, project development and capital appreciation. There are many ways to invest in Swiss real estate. We can advise you on which investments are best for you. We will also work out the various investment scenarios with you and assist you in clarifying your real estate financing. Our wealth of experience is based on valuations of several million Swiss francs on behalf of our clients. We will be happy to determine the value of your property and highlight the development potential or assist you with the acquisition of a property by means of a due diligence or potential analysis. As a member of the Swiss Association of Real Estate Valuers "SIV", we are committed to the quality of our valuations. 


A selection of our services:​

  • Real estate valuation

  • Due Dilligence

  • Potential analysis

  • Real estate financing​

  • REEVAA - Real Estate Evaluation App


By combining apprenticeship and university studies, we combine theory and practice. This gives us decades of experience in the real estate industry from the first stroke to strategic implementation. In addition, we speak all national languages and supervise small and large construction projects in all parts of the country. As a member of the Swiss Real Estate Valuation Association (SIV and SVIT) , we determine the

The value of real estate, according to recognised principles, throughout Switzerland. At project level, the smallest properties were worth one and a half million and the largest several hundred million. By coordinating all parties involved, we bring a broad experience in all areas of the real estate industry, such as Project development, acquisition, asset and portfolio management. In addition to the specialist area, our experience also includes extensive management experience in managing various teams in various constellations and experience in the strategic alignment of real estate portfolios.

We have project experience in handling complex construction projects in all parts of Switzerland and can handle projects in several languages (D/ F/ I/ E/ SP).


  • Experience in the field of real estate direct investments

  • Management of interdisciplinary teams

  • Supervision and review of the real estate strategy

  • Development of the real estate portfolio through targeted investments and divestments

  • Responsibility of project development/building owner representation

  • Preparation of multi-year planning, budgeting 

  • Management and coordination of internal and external service providers

  • Negotiating with entrepreneurs (GU/TU contracts) 

  • Experience with residential, office, commercial and public buildings

  • Real estate portfolios up to CHF 5 billion

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